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The Preservation Society is pleased to announce that we are in talks regarding finishing the upper floors of the Hotel. We hope to have a plan of action within the next few months, stay tuned. The truth is that the job is just not complete, many people have taken advantage of the opportunities that the Hotel has provided for numerous events large and small. Our focus is to make the Hotel more accessible to the general public and create an enterprise. There are numerous ways you can help, the simplest is to come for coffee and enjoy the Hotel, it is important. It demonstrates a community coming together, a vote of confidence. It gives us courage to take the risks required to accomplish such a goal. We sincerely thank you for your past support and we rely on your continued support. Sometimes it seams like we are preserving the past, but what we are doing is preserving the future and our way of life, it is important.

The Greenwood Preservation Society



Please help!

The Board of the Greenwood Hotel Complex invites you to be part of history’s future!

Have your own brand or a family brand placed on the sidewalk in front of the Greenwood Hotel.

We are on a mission to endow the future of the Greenwood Hotel; a community centerpiece in downtown Eureka, Kansas. We have learned from history and we do not dare repeat it. Over $1.2 million dollars have been invested in the restoration of this iconic place, and we want to ensure a massive overhaul will never have to be done again. By creating an endowment fund for the Hotel we can be assured there will always be funds available for various maintenance projects. If you ready to leave your mark on our “Walk of Legends”, here is how to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime collection of history. First, click here to complete our donor form. You may email your donor form to, or mail it directly to the Greenwood Preservation Society at P.O. Box 301, Eureka, KS 67045. Please enclose a personal check with your donor form. Lastly don’t forget to consult with your tax preparer. A contribution to a non-profit organization can provide great tax benefits. For your generous contribution of $500 your family name, logo or brand will be engraved on a 16”x16” terra cotta red granite tile as pictured above. These sidewalk tiles will be permanently placed in front of the Greenwood Hotel as a symbol of our appreciation to your family, and as a symbol of your dedication to the future of our community. This project will not only build an endowment, but also enrich the history of Greenwood County.   By participating in our “Walk of Legends,” folks for generations to come will be able to stroll in front of the Greenwood Hotel, look down and remember the historic legends that helped keep the “Grand Princess of the Prairie” a remarkable place to gather and conduct business. Please contact Matt Perrier, “Walk of Legends” Project Coordinator at 620.583.5033 or email Matt at He will be happy to answer any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? Solidify your family’s legendary history today! Address for Mailing Forms: Greenwood Preservation Society P.O. Box 301 Eureka, KS 67045



The Board of the Greenwood Preservation Society

After ten years … we would like to thank all the many people who helped make this restoration possible!

Please stay tuned for phase two.

Greenwood Preservation Society      P.O. Box 301      Eureka, Kansas 67045